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Bach - The Six Keyboard Partitas

August 5, 1987

It is with extreme pleasure that I recommend Ms. Diana Boyle to you; she is a splendid pianist and musician.

Recently I had the privilege of broadcasting her performances of the six Bach Partitas (over the course of several days) as part of a daily concert music program I produce for station WBUR in Boston.  Even in a city virtually smothered in musical activity, the audience response to these performances was remarkable.

Callers to the station were struck, as I was, with the clarity and accuracy of the playing as well as its boldness.  I should add that seldom, if ever, does a broadcast performance of Bach on the piano fail to spark a call of complaint regarding the “questionable suitability of the instrument in such repertoire”. None of the callers with whom I spoke raised this debatable point.  Several, in fact, praised the playing specifically because it “sounded well” on the modern piano.

Mark Schilling.

Refers to 1987 broadcast (first version) of Bach Partitas.