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Beethoven Diabelli Variations

May, 1989

I first came across the playing of British Pianist Diana Boyle in 1987 when her first recording of the Bach Partitas was broadcast over a period of days on WBUR Boston. The reaction to those performances was remarkable even in a city saturated by musical activity. Listeners were struck with the boldness and clarity of her interpretations as well as by the beauty of sound. Today we were privileged to broadcast her recently recorded interpretation of the Beethoven Diabelli Variations made here in Boston with sound engineer Brad Michel.

Quite apart from the feat of technical playing, which we found stunning, more important was the intellectual clarity, emotion and spirit of the performance. In the spirit of what Beethoven meant when he said "From the heart, may it touch hearts again.” This performance did indeed.

Mark Schilling.

Refers to 1987 broadcast (first version) of Bach Partitas.